January 2, 2006

leg cont.

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I did 20 press-ups this evening and afterwards I could feel my left foot was a little swollen, or it at least had a mild pins-and-needles feeling. I can feel a mild weirdness, like it’s tight or something, down the outside/front-left of the leg too, but only just.

We’ll see how it is after the gym tomorrow I guess.

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Leg acting up again

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Went to the gym a couple of times last week, Tuesday and Friday IIRC. The standard 28-minute “weight loss” program on the elliptical and a few weights, nothing too strenuous except maybe the leg curls, or whatever they’re called, I did on Tuesday.

My stupid left leg felt swollen again on Wednesday and again on Friday evening. On Friday it got to the point where I put on that support stocking.

So I’m going to try and remember to record my leg-related shenanigans from now on, as evidence for the doctors.

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