March 15, 2006


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I have been avoiding running since that 5.5 miler, hoping to rest the leg a little. I just ordered some Mizuno Wave Creation 7s and some new shorts and stuff. Once they show up I’ll get back to my running. Meantime it’s elliptical and chocolate 🙂


more leg fun

Filed under: health — finsprings @ 2:35 am

So the leg was doing pretty well for a while. But then I went and run 5.5 miles on the Butler Freeport trail. It felt really good and I felt like I could have run for another 5.5 miles. The ground was soft too so it should have been easy on the leg. And, I was wearing the old Nike Shox since they seem to upset it less than the Sauconys. So Sunday it was fine but after a couple of days it started to hurt like before. Poo.

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