April 25, 2006

I heart Road Runner Sports

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While I remember, a big shout out to Road Runner Sports. I signed up for their Run America Club VIP service because you can run in shoes for 45 days, outside in the mud and everything, and then send them back if you have issues. And they give you 10% off everything and free shipping, all for $54.99 a year. I made that back in 2 orders between the discount and the free shipping, and I really bought it for the shoe return service which is unparalleled. So far their customer service has been pretty amazing too, really top notch. Nice to see a company these days that still seems to actually give to farts about their customers


Mizuna WaveCreation 7s

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I've been running in my new Mizuna WaveCreation 7s for a month now. I've got 32 miles on them and so far they are great. My leg still doesn't feel 100% but it's not bothering me. So I conclude that it just wasn't getting on with the Sauconys.

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