May 26, 2006

Running again!

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Got up early and met Eric at Frick Park for a run. I've been off the wagon for close to 3 weeks, and as previously featured the leg decided to act up despite that. So I am going to ignore it and run anyway, since its tribulations and running no longer appear to have an obvious connection.

It was my first time running with anyone else; ever. I have to say it was very nice. Hopefully we'll make each other do it too, which will be good as my lazy propensities will catch up with me otherwise. 


May 22, 2006

That leg that leg that swollen leg

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So my leg started acting up again all week, despite the fact that I haven't run since before I went to Vegas last week! What gives? My latest crazy theory is that it's weather related. It rained all week so maybe, just maybe, it's some weird joint inflammation related to humidity. I'm not sure I can believe that, especially since the leg was most painful in one spot part of the way down my leg on the inside – like a bruise but not a bruise. As usual I'm confused.

May 13, 2006

Which way to the buffet?

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Just got back from a conference in Las Vegas. I don't think I've ever eaten so much in 5 days. Better get the running shoes out this weekend…

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