August 21, 2006

Is walking for a bit ‘cheating’?

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I’m still training for that half-marathon that’s rapidly approaching – October 1st just isn’t that far away anymore. So today I did a 7 miler on the trail; 4 miles up to Monroe, 3 back and then I half-walked, half-jogged the last mile back to Laneville.

But when I got to Monroe I stopped running at the 4-mile post. I walked the length of the parking lot, turned and walked back to the 4-mile post again, which would be less than a minute. When I hit the 4-mile post I started running again and stayed running until I got my 7 miles in.

So, tell me, does that still count as a 7 miler? Or is it just a 4 miler closely followed by a 3 miler?

I hope the 8 miler next week goes more easily. I’m not feeling too confident that I can do the full 13.109735 miles right now.


August 14, 2006

Props to Burley

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Just wanted to mention how impressed I am with Burley. We bought a Burley D-Lite trailer from Gatto’s in Tarentum and are very happy with it. However the Cannondale H400 I’m borrowing from my father-in-law has a seat stay that doesn’t go directly to the rear axle, and so the trailer ends up being too close to the rear tire. I called Burley and in one ring got a real live person! I explained my problem and she forwarded my call to a support person. Again, one ring and a real live person. He understood my issue immediately and suggested I get their alternate hitch, which replaces the quick-release mechanism of the rear wheel. Wow, 2 real people in a row, and an answer to my question in under 5 minutes.
I knew Burley was based in Eugene, Oregon and made their products here in the US – that’s one of the reasons we chose them. But I see from reading on their website, that they are an “employee-owned design cooperative”. It’s nice that there are still small customer- and product-focused companies left in these dark times of the evil blue box store (which I studiously avoid at all times).

I wish them well.

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