October 1, 2006

Buffalo Creek Half Marathon

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I finished it! The longest I had run in training was 10 miles so I wasn’t sure how I’d do this morning. But it went pretty well. My left calf went tight as a drum at the 1 mile mark and stayed that way for the rest of the race, but the rest of me felt ok.

From my swanky new Ironman watch my mile times were:

8:16, 8:55, 8:41, 8:32, 8:21, 8:37, 8:41, 8:39, 8:29, 8:34, 8:22, 8:35, 8:38, 34s for that final .1.

Official time 1:52:04.5 (8:33 pace).
I would have been ok with just finishing without having to walk any of it. I did that. I was also aiming for a sub 2-hour time, so I was very happy with 1:52:04!


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