July 17, 2006

Training Update

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I went out for a 4 miler on the trail tonight and it felt great – best in ages in fact. I need to find that cheesy Timex “sports watch” that we got free with something, because I think I ran pretty fast tonight but I don’t know for sure. I’ve been following Hal Higdon’s Half Marathon Training Program for a whole week now ;-), and so far so good. I think I could skip to the 3rd or 4th week but I’m afraid to ramp up too quickly and mess myself up. So, slow and steady it is. Only 11 weeks to go…


Nike + iPod kit: battery life

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I am tempted to get the Nike + iPod kit, particularly since it’s been proven that you aren’t obliged to use Nike shoes – I prefer Mizunas myself. However, the battery is not replaceable in the sensor, which brings to mind the early iPod battery debacles. All Apple says on their store page is The sensor’s battery is not replaceable. Battery life will vary considerably based on use and other factors. I think I will wait and see how many miles people are getting out of it first. Besides, I only really use my iPod when running on a treadmill; when I’m out at Frick Park or on the Butler Freeport Trail I much prefer running sans phones. Must resist gadget…must resist…

July 3, 2006

WC7s turn 100!

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In a late night act of craziness I registered for the Buffalo Creek Half-Marathon last night. And then I remembered the Great Race is exactly one week before! So this morning I knew I had to start ramping up the old training schedule; I’ve been doing 9 miles a week which is just isn’t enough to get me ready for a 13 milers in 3 months. So Mary kindly dropped me off at the Sarver trailhead and I ran the 7 miles down to Freeport. This is the same route the half-marathon will take so it’s good practice. I was going to start from Cabot, which would have made it 9 and 3/4 miles but decided against it on the way to the drop off – best not to injure myself just yet. The run went ok, except for a disagreement between me and the water bottle holder. I posted the miles on my running log just now and I noticed I now have 100.5 miles on the Mizuna Wave Creation 7s! Between that and managing to go the whole day (so far anyway) without eating any crap, and I’m feeling pretty good.

May 26, 2006

Running again!

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Got up early and met Eric at Frick Park for a run. I've been off the wagon for close to 3 weeks, and as previously featured the leg decided to act up despite that. So I am going to ignore it and run anyway, since its tribulations and running no longer appear to have an obvious connection.

It was my first time running with anyone else; ever. I have to say it was very nice. Hopefully we'll make each other do it too, which will be good as my lazy propensities will catch up with me otherwise. 

May 22, 2006

That leg that leg that swollen leg

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So my leg started acting up again all week, despite the fact that I haven't run since before I went to Vegas last week! What gives? My latest crazy theory is that it's weather related. It rained all week so maybe, just maybe, it's some weird joint inflammation related to humidity. I'm not sure I can believe that, especially since the leg was most painful in one spot part of the way down my leg on the inside – like a bruise but not a bruise. As usual I'm confused.

May 13, 2006

Which way to the buffet?

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Just got back from a conference in Las Vegas. I don't think I've ever eaten so much in 5 days. Better get the running shoes out this weekend…

April 25, 2006

I heart Road Runner Sports

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While I remember, a big shout out to Road Runner Sports. I signed up for their Run America Club VIP service because you can run in shoes for 45 days, outside in the mud and everything, and then send them back if you have issues. And they give you 10% off everything and free shipping, all for $54.99 a year. I made that back in 2 orders between the discount and the free shipping, and I really bought it for the shoe return service which is unparalleled. So far their customer service has been pretty amazing too, really top notch. Nice to see a company these days that still seems to actually give to farts about their customers

Mizuna WaveCreation 7s

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I've been running in my new Mizuna WaveCreation 7s for a month now. I've got 32 miles on them and so far they are great. My leg still doesn't feel 100% but it's not bothering me. So I conclude that it just wasn't getting on with the Sauconys.

March 15, 2006


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I have been avoiding running since that 5.5 miler, hoping to rest the leg a little. I just ordered some Mizuno Wave Creation 7s and some new shorts and stuff. Once they show up I’ll get back to my running. Meantime it’s elliptical and chocolate 🙂

more leg fun

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So the leg was doing pretty well for a while. But then I went and run 5.5 miles on the Butler Freeport trail. It felt really good and I felt like I could have run for another 5.5 miles. The ground was soft too so it should have been easy on the leg. And, I was wearing the old Nike Shox since they seem to upset it less than the Sauconys. So Sunday it was fine but after a couple of days it started to hurt like before. Poo.

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